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Current competition: 2017 Western Districts Billiards & Snooker

WD 2017 Results & Player Stats
All Divs Results & Player Stats

1st Div Player List
2nd Div Player List
3rd Div Player List



Captains' Downloads
1st Div Draw
2nd Div Draw
3rd Div Draw (updated Mar7th)
Blank result sheet for div 1&2
Blank result sheet for div 3 only
WD match schedules updated
WD/ICB 2017 Constitution

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Stats links for handicap mtgs - Thu 23rd Feb 2017

2016 WD Player stats by Division and by Team

2016 WD Player stats for Snooker & Billiards for Div 2 & 3

2016 WD Player handicaps - 2nd div

2016 WD Player handicaps - 3rd div

2016 ICB Div 2 Billiards handicaps

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Msg from the Secretary: Following on from my email early in December 2016 I would like to remind you all of the Western Districts Billiards and Snooker Association AGM to be held on the 2nd February, 2017 at Club Marconi.
The meeting will start at 7.00pm sharp and I would encourage all clubs to send representatives. Peter Higham (secy)

WD Playing Conditions - items for AGM

At an Executive Committee meeting last week the following playing conditions were proposed and are recommended for discussion at the AGM for the 2017 season. The aim is to enhance the WD competition and bring in more clubs that would appreciate the proposed changes.


With only a few teams nominating last year, the committee recognised that changes in the format for this division are necessary to provide greater participation in our competition at this level. Several people have made suggestions and we acknowledge the effort put in by Gordon Alexander.

There were two significant factors to be considered.

1. Potential clubs for this division do not have players who either can or want to play billiards.
2. Having 6 games being played on one night means that clubs must have 3 tables available. This eliminates a number of clubs who could provide 2 tables.
3. Having 6 games being played on one night means that teams must have at least 6 or 7 players registered. This eliminates clubs that cannot field that many players.
The committee therefore proposes that 3rd division will be played with 4 games (each of 2 frames) of snooker only, with 4 players to play each match. This allows for smaller teams and clubs with only 2 tables available.


There appears to be a lot of interest in making the billiards portion (3 games per night) in a format that closely matches or mirrors the NSW State Open Billiards.
This would mean no handicaps, random draw and 1hr time limit.
Bonus pts would remain but based on fixed targets (to be allocated) of 200, 250 or 300.

John Carbines
Match Secretary
WDB&S Assn
Jan 24th, 2017

Vale: Bob Coffee 28th Aug, 2016

History of Western Districts and the InterClub Billiards competitions


InterClub Billiards 2016 results

ICB Finals Series for 2016

Div 1 Semi Final was played at Marconi Club on 8th Dec, 2016
Hornsby RSL(8) v Guildford(0) (Granville)
- Hornsby won 4 frames to nil.


Div 2 Grand Final was played at Rooty Hill RSL on 8th Dec, 2016
Blacktown Workers(8) def Marconi(0)
- Blacktown won 4 frames to nil.
- 3 frames were extremely close - (166-163, 179-170, 242-237)
- room referee was Neville Moore
- thanks to Rooty Hill and the markers for your help.


Div 1 Grand Final was played at Marconi Club on Thurs,15th Dec starting at 7pm
Marconi1 v Hornsby RSL

The result was a 2-2 draw (note that Bonus Pts are not counted in playoffs)

In an elimination extra time match, Roger Farebrother def Michael Pearson.

The final result was a 3-2 win to Marconi1 for 2016


Leader Boards and cumulative results


Result Sheets for Div 1

Result Sheets for Div 2 (includes the Grand Final)


Division 1 & 2 draws, handicaps, stats, etc
Full draw - Div 1 & 2
Div 1 only draw
Div 2 only draw
 * Updated nett targets and handicaps
Div 1 Handicaps and Bonus Pt Net Targets (updated 27th Oct '16)
Div 2 Handicaps and Bonus Pt Net Targets (updated 17th Nov '16)
ICB player stats for 2016 season 
Blank result sheet - all divisions
Notice of GM on 4th Aug, 16 - on winding up of InterClub Billiards
Secretary's notes - key points from ICB mtg 4th Aug 2016
Secretary's notes - Full Text - from ICB mtg 4th Aug 2016

Information about the WD billiards and snooker comp run earlier this year..

Western Districts Grand Finals
Results from week 3 of the Playoffs (Thurs 28th July)

View the semis and finals result sheets here..

Venue: Marconi Sports Club (both Divisions)
Div 1 GF   -    Marconi 1  def   Penrith (8-4)
Div 2 GF   -    Guildford  def   Wenty 2 (8-4)

WD Leader Boards - Division 1Division 2/3
WD player stats and result sheets from 2016 

WD 2016 Constitution

Handicap Committees for 2016
1st Division
2nd Division
Next Handicap Committee(s) meeting:


The WD Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held at Rooty Hill RSL on Thursday, 27th January, 2016.

Positions determined at the AGM:

President - Harvey Wykes
Vice President - Peter Higham
Treasurer - Andrew Stoermer
Secretary - John Carbines
Match Secretary - John Carbines (temporary position - any tech aware volunteers?)
Note: in August, Peter Higham was appointed Secretary when WD took on the ICB (InterClub Billiards)

Player submission form for 2016

pls complete and email a scanned (or photographed) copy to the Secretary - webadmin @

Committee for the Western Districts Billiards and Snooker Association for 2016

President Harvey Wykes harveywykes @ 02 4572 1407
Vice-President Peter Higham pr.higham @ 0404 003 915
Secretary Peter Higham pr.higham @ 0404 003 915
Treasurer Andrew Stoermer dpsol @ 0409 127 638
Match Secretary John Carbines webadmin @ 0415 051 243
Web Administrator John Carbines webadmin @ 0415 051 243
General Committee

General email (regarding the InterClub Billiards) to icb @

Result Sheets to: results @